Shell/Bash: ask ubuntu Example


Shell/Bash Example: This is the "ask ubuntu" Example. compiled from many sources on the internet by

ask ubuntu

Welcome to the Holy Grail !!

ask pypi

>>> from ask import ask, askChar, askInt, askString, askPassword, askEmail, askBool, explain
>>> ask()
# Creates an empty input query here

>>> askInt('Your age')
Your age
# Input here (Only accepts integers)

>>> askString("What's your name?")
What's your name?
# Input here

>>> askChar('Do you want to proceed?', ['y','n'])
Do you want to proceed? (y/n)
# Input here (Only accepts 'y' and 'n')

>>> askChar('Do you want to install this?', ['y','n'], 'y')
Do you want to install this? (y/n) [y]
# Input here (Only accepts 'y' and 'n', you can hit enter to use the default 'y')

>>> askBool('Do you want to continue?')
Do you want to continue (y/n)
# Input here (automatically generates the possibilites 'y' and 'n')

>>> askEmail()
# Input here (only accepts email-adresses)

>> askPassword()
# Masked input here

>> explain()
# Prints explanation:
Attention: Input prompts follow this template:
"Question (answer1, answer2, answer3) [default_answer]"
(You can just hit enter to chose the default answer)

* Summary: This "ask ubuntu" Shell/Bash Example is compiled from the internet. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thank you!