Shell/Bash: install sklearn with conda Example


Shell/Bash Example: This is the "install sklearn with conda" Example. compiled from many sources on the internet by

install sklearn

pip install scikit-learn

install sklearn with conda

conda install scikit-learn

conda install scikit-learn

conda install -c anaconda scikit-learn

pip install sklearn specific version

pip uninstall scikit-learn
pip install scikit-learn==0.18.2

conda install sklearn

python3 -m venv sklearn-venvpython -m venv sklearn-venvpython -m venv sklearn-venvsource sklearn-venv/bin/activatesource sklearn-venv/bin/activatesklearn-venv\Scripts\activatepip install -U scikit-learnpip install -U scikit-learnpip install -U scikit-learnpip3 install -U scikit-learnconda create -n sklearn-envconda activate sklearn-envconda install scikit-learn 

* Summary: This "install sklearn with conda" Shell/Bash Example is compiled from the internet. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thank you!