Shell/Bash: install tor browser ubuntu 20.4 Example


Shell/Bash Example: This is the "install tor browser ubuntu 20.4" Example. compiled from many sources on the internet by

install tor browser ubuntu 20.4

Run the following commands as a user with sudo permissions :

1.Add the Tor browser launcher PPA repository :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:micahflee/ppa

2.Install the Tor browser launcher package:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher

The Tor browser can be launched either from the command line 
by typing torbrowser-launcher or
by clicking on the Tor Browser 
Launcher icon (Activities -> Tor Browser).

When you start the launcher for the first time,
it will download the 
Tor browser and all other dependencies.

* Summary: This "install tor browser ubuntu 20.4" Shell/Bash Example is compiled from the internet. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thank you!