Shell/Bash: most useful terminal commands Example


Shell/Bash Example: This is the "most useful terminal commands" Example. compiled from many sources on the internet by

most useful terminal commands

type "clear" / ctrl + l (windows - Linux) / Command + K (Mac)
help - show all comands
help commandName - help about a specific command

Working with Directories:
ls - list / list the contents on your current directory
la -la - Give more informations about list 
pwd - Print Working directory / Print the path to the working directory
cd directory - Change directory / Move between folders - Relative Path (just folters directly contained in the one you are currently)
cd /firstDirectory/secondDirectory/FinalDirectory - Absolute Path (search a directory anywhere in pc)
cd .. - Go back a directory
cd ~ - return to home directory
mkdir - make directory / create a new directory+
mkdir -v - Make directory + add lines that say you created a directory
touch - Create a file (or multiple) or "touch", change a file (update when it was last modified)
rm - Remove / Delete a File (forever)
rm -rf - Remove recursive force / Delete a directory add all file nested in the directory (also other directories)
rmdir - remove a directory (only work on empty folders)

* Summary: This "most useful terminal commands" Shell/Bash Example is compiled from the internet. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thank you!