Shell/Bash: pip3 uninstall all Example


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how to uninstall everything in pip

pip freeze > requirements.txt
pip uninstall -r requirements.txt

pip3 uninstall all

pip3 freeze | xargs pip3 uninstall -y

delete all pip packages

#Write all modules to a txt file
pip freeze > requirements.txt

#Now to remove one by one:
pip uninstall -r requirements.txt

#If we want to remove all at once then:
pip uninstall -r requirements.txt -y

how to delete all pips

type "pip freeze" to get list of all installed packages.
Copy all the names into a text file name it pkg.txt
then type the following "pip uninstall -r pkg.txt"
you will be asked to proceed type "y" and enter

python3 remove all packages

pip freeze | xargs pip uninstall -y

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