Shell/Bash: set alias in ubuntu Example


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set alias in ubuntu

# open terminal 

# open ~/.bashrc_alias by running
gedit ~/.bashrc_alias # the file opened might be empty

# add you aliases and commands one alias in a line
alias name_of_alias="command you want to execute"
alias name_of_another_alias="another command you want to execute"

# save 

# for immediate effect run in terminal
source ~/.bashrc_alias

how to add alias in linux

alias l="ls -al"

linux permanent alias

printf "%s\n" "alias shh='sqlplus hfdora/[email protected]" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc # for immediate effect

#or add your alias to ~/.bashrc directly

linux add alias

# syntax
# alias *="*"

# example
alias ll="ls -lrt"

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