Shell/Bash: ubuntu adduser Example


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create user ubuntu command line

sudo adduser USERNAME
# choose password
# other fields can be left empty
sudo usermod -aG sudo USERNAME

# change user to check if everything is ok
#  output > USERNAME
sudo whoami
# output > root or an error

# if error switch back to the other account
# and do the following to modify /etc/sudoers

sudo visudo
# find a line like "root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL" (or similar)
# add an identical line for USERNAME, like
Ctrl+O, Ctrl+X  # save and exit
# change user to check if everything is ok

add sudo user ubuntu

# add a user and set a password
adduser USERNAME

# add user to sudoers / sudo groupe with command below
usermod -aG sudo USERNAME

ubuntu adduser

sudo adduser username
sudo usermod -aG sudo username

allintext:ubuntu "new user"command

sudo adduser userNameHere

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